Our Commitments

From the smallest jobs to multi-billion dollar projects, we are committed to safely and responsibly delivering a best-in-class performance on each and every project.


Mass. Electric Construction Co. (MEC) is committed to safety at all levels of our operations, ensuring our focus is on what matters most: that nobody gets hurt. This commitment to excellence extends to our quality, environmental and compliance performance — which is how we drive successful projects for our clients.

Nobody Gets Hurt

At MEC, our goal is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees. “Nobody Gets Hurt” means just that – no incidents and no injuries, no matter how seemingly minor a task appears. Everyone is authorized, and expected, to speak up when they see an unsafe act or anything that does not align with our safety standards.


We consistently meet or exceed owners’ expectations because we invest ample time in fully understanding client and project needs; carefully reviewing contract specifications and strategically planning tasks ahead of time ensures all work is performed right the first time.

MEC’s quality teams frequently monitor the quality management process to ensure our ultimate goal of not only meeting but exceeding owners’ expectations. We approach quality from the top-down and believe it is the responsibility of every MEC employee to uphold that standard.


We take our role as environmental stewards seriously and respect the surroundings on each job site. With proper permitting and permissions in hand, we build responsibly and monitor the impact of our work. Our projects transform and improve communities, and the environment remains a priority throughout the process.

MEC is committed to maintaining environmental compliance standards that meet government and client requirements. Our employees carry that responsibility and are committed to building work as careful stewards of the environment.