Bronx to Westchester, New York

Mass. Electric Construction Co.’s scope on this project included the rehabilitation of eight segments of catenary lines from New Rochelle to Sunnyside Yard.

The project scope included installation of 1.5 million pounds of miscellaneous and structural steel to support 15 miles of registered track; adjusting new heights and staggers on the new insulator assemblies for catenary on new and existing structures; removing the old catenary supporting system, which included hanging beam and main messenger support cable; and establishing new controls and communications for a new crossover. Crews installed 132 new structures around bridges to make the wire meet the track’s curve criteria.

MEC maintained close coordination between Amtrak and the project team to ensure the fast-tracked completion of a critical interlock, all the while ensuring that Amtrak maintained the flexibility to move its trains.

Phase 2 consisted of a network of shallow pipelines that intercept the combined storm and sanitary wastewater and transport it to tunnels for storage until it can be treated. MEC’s work on this phase included excavation and lining of a 22-foot-diameter tunnel constructed 85 to 165 feet below ground and seven separate shafts located along the alignment.