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RTD Union Station

Denver, Colorado

This design-build project involved transit improvements at the historic Denver Union Station making it a multi-modal transportation hub. Construction included an underground bus terminal, an eight-track commuter rail station, plazas, relocation of the light rail station and street improvements. This multifaceted project covers 40 acres in Denver’s Central Platte Valley and integrates rail and bus service, along with taxi, bicycle and pedestrian traffic into a dynamic urban center.

Mass. Electric Construction Co. (MEC) took part in the relocation of the current light rail station. The 4,500-linear-foot track was reconfigured to fit the new additional relay signal houses, and the relocated sub-station and communication house. This work also included the installation of a 1.5-mile OCS system for the new LRT Platforms. MEC was heavily involved with the tie-ins and integration on the modified light rail system.

In addition to the light rail system, MEC was responsible for the electrical portion of the bus terminal and new commuter rail train station. Over 25 miles of various-sized conduit and over 70 miles of wire were installed for the power, fire alarm, lighting and communications systems for the new bus terminal and commuter rail.