Bakersfield, CALIF.

Mass. Electric Construction Co. (MEC) worked as a subcontractor at the Bakersfield Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). The project entailed the construction and upgrade of the WWTP from a 16mgd to 32mgd capacity plant.

MEC’s work included the following:

  • Installation of a new 12,000-volt service and plant power
  • Loop feeder system
  • Installation of a new self-healing, fiber-optic SCADA loop incorporating new and existing facilities
  • Associated power distribution, lighting and process controls for:
    • A new headworks structure
    • The conversion of four existing secondary clarifiers into primary clarifiers
    • A new activated sludge secondary treatment system, including a new blower building, new aeration basin and four new secondary clarifiers
    • A new 2mgd tertiary treatment system (cloth media filtration, chemical feed system and the reclaimed water storage system)
    • Two (2) new anaerobic sludge digesters & sludge dewatering building
    • A new power cogeneration building
    • The new administration and operations buildings and plant maintenance facility