Perris II Desalination Facility

Perris II Desalination Facility

Perris, California

Eastern Municipal Water District’s (EMWD) Perris II Desalter Project will produce potable water from otherwise unusable groundwater through the construction of a 5.4 million gallons-per-day (MGD), reverse-osmosis desalter in the Perris South Groundwater Sub-basin. Once complete, the facility will provide drinking water for up to 12,000 families annually.

EMWD’s Desalination Program is one of several strategies to reduce reliance on imported water.

In addition to reducing future demand for imported water, project benefits include salinity management for expanded water recycling and protection of high-quality groundwater in basins adjacent to the Perris South Groundwater Sub-basin. Projects such as this will move EMWD toward its goal of drought proofing its region and increasing water supply reliability and flexibility.

Mass. Electric Construction Co.’s major scopes of work included:

    • Execution and coordination of design and construction for control systems equipment and associated testing
        • Kingfisher RTU, VFD supplier, motor-actuated valve supplier, UPS, RO Skid, electrical MCC/switchboard, chemical systems and plant security
    • Management of control systems subcontractor, including I/O scopes and verifications/review of control strategies
    • Management of the construction and network integration between the new facility and connection with the existing facility — including cut-over and testing — in close coordination with major discipline subcontractors
    • Startup and commissioning of all equipment and instrument point-to-point checks