Lynchburg WWTP Upgrades

Lynchburg WWTP Upgrades

Lynchburg, Virginia

Mass. Electric Construction Co. was award the construction manager at risk (CMAR), PC construction for the Lynchburg Wastewater Treatment Plant Combined Sewer Overflow and Headworks Upgrades project.

The Lynchburg Water Resources manages hundreds of miles of combined sewers for the city of Lynchburg in Virginia. The combined sewer collection system successfully carries both stormwater and wastewater for processing at the regional wastewater plant. However, during periods of heavy rains, the combined volume of the storm and wastewaters exceeds the pipe’s capacity, forcing sewage into the James River. The solution to this issue was the construction of a new, $44.5M facility, which included a 4mg wet weather storage facility, backup generator, and replacement of the transformers, switchgear and motor control centers in a new electrical building.

Upgrades to the headworks building included new pumps, screens, grit facility and electrical room. The headworks building is the first stop in the treatment process where overflow will be captured and sent to the storage facility. The new plant was built on the same footprint as the original plant and remained in service for the duration of the project.

The commissioning of all electrical equipment and refeed of loads in the headworks building took place within a scheduled critical six-month outage, concurrent with the construction of a new not-potable water electrical building, primary pump station, and wet weather chemical building and storage tank.